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NGC 7635
The Bubble Nebula

Photographs by Matthew T. Russell

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NGC Number:
NGC 7635

Common Name:
The Bubble Nebula


Distance from Earth:
~7,100 Light Years

NGC 7635, The Bubble Nebula in LRGB

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NGC 7635, The Bubble Nebula in SII, HA, OIII

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NGC 7635, The Bubble Nebula in Hydrogen-Alpha

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Black Forest, CO

16" RCOS Ritchey-Chretien
Bisque Paramount ME
AstroDon Series I LRGB Filters
AstroDon Narrowband Filters

Date Taken:
8/13/2008 - 9/25/2008

Exposure Specs (LRGB):
990 minutes total
HA: 24x30 min
LUM: 8x15 min
RED: 5x10 min
GREEN: 5x10 min
BLUE: 5x10 min

Exposure Specs (Mapped Color):
1,500 minutes total
SII: 12x30 min
HA: 24x30 min
OIII: 14x30 min

Exposure Specs (HA):
720 minutes total
HA: 24x30 min

Processed with:
Adobe Photoshop CS2

Photograph Description

The Bubble Nebula is actually the smallest of three bubbles surrounding massive star BD+602522, and part of gigantic bubble network S162 created with the help of other massive stars. As fast moving gas expands off of the central star, it pushes surrounding sparse gas into a shell. The energetic starlight then ionizes the shell, causing it to glow.

Source: NASA


Copyright 2008, Matthew T. Russell. All rights reserved.