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Welcome to The Baker Observatory, your Digital Universe.

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Welcome to my digital astro-image gallery. It is fascinating the objects that come to life through a telescope and a CCD camera. I have personally photographed every image on this site. Enjoy these images.

New Images:
IC 5070 - A Portion of the Pelican Nebula
NGC 2244 - A Portion of the Rosette Nebula
NGC 6992 - A Portion of the Veil Nebula
NGC 2239 - A Portion of the Rosette Nebula
M27 - The Dumbbell Nebula
NGC 7635 - The Bubble Nebula
NGC 7000 - The Cynus Wall Region

Other Photographic Collections:

2007 4th of July Fireworks
2006 4th of July Fireworks
2005 4th of July Fireworks
2004 4th of July Fireworks
Wild Mushrooms in Colorado
Snow Covered Pines in Colorado (color)
Snow Covered Pines in Colorado (b&w)

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The Pelican Nebula

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